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We are a passionate team of builders, software developers, & solutions architects for modern day business challenges. Our diverse background comes from building natural medicine companies to launching digital creative for Gatorade’s latest product line. Count on us as a global knowledge base with localized approach, all of our team is based in America for rapid implementation on your projects.
  • Max is an exceptionally versatile management professional with proficiencies that lie in business development of start-up companies. Skilled in the implementation of operational enhancements to overall structure as well as identifying strategic and operative risks to new businesses. With 12+ years of business experience, Max is extensively practiced and well-known for thinking outside of the box to promote innovative solutions to operational functions.

    Max Dzmitryiev
  • Jonathan provides in depth growth and financial management analysis for Empire’s clients. He is currently studying for his Master’s in Business Management and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In addition to this, Jonathan has extensive work experience including property management, industrial manufacturing, engineering, and Fortune 500 employment as a systems analyst.

    Jonathan Brighton
    CFO & Analytics Expert
  • Ian is a seasoned professional with a strong background in Marketing, Event Planning, and Business Development. With a B.A. in Public Relations from the Murrow College at Washington State, he co-founded a successful event company & was a decorated sales leader at a Unicorn startup. Whether he’s consulting companies to increase their digital footprint or ramping up revenue channels, he knows how to get results. His natural leadership ability has allowed him to gain credibility within the Northwest business community & develop strong relationships. Ian has fifteen successful 250-2500+ person events under his belt. Ians strong knowledge in the natural wellness /cannabis/hemp space gives Empire’s clients a unique perspective.

    Ian Vensel
  • Christian is a sales professional with nearly a decade of B2B and B2C sales experience. He has worked in a wide range of different industries and brings sales knowledge that can apply to any business. Relationships and getting groups attention comes natural to Christian. Christian is a master in creating sales processes that are smooth, efficient and effective in getting the “YES” that you need from your customer.

    Christian Larzlere
    Business Development/ Web
  • Patrick is our lead web designer who has spent 23 years building websites and developing custom marketing solutions for a diverse group of businesses. He delivers conversion-focused websites that aim to satisfy your customers and meet your business goals.  He has a diverse marketing background and technical experience which allows him to consult & work with business owners to make sure they have a results-oriented game plan. 

    Patrick Moore
    Web Design/Marketing
  • Sky is well traveled creative professional with 8 years of Adobe Creative Suite & photography experience. From an early age creating beautiful art and eye catching designs has been her passion and her work is a direct reflection of a lifetime of creating. Whether you need 3D rendering, a product feature series done at an alpine lake, or drone videography, our creative team & Sky can make it outstanding. 

    Sky Frost
    Creative Manager & Designer

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