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The bottom line is the foundation of any healthy business. Empire Strategists can do the math for you

Business Analytics is the application of statistical and quantitative analysis to an aspect of your business.

If it can be quantified then it can be analyzed. A well-developed analysis is exactly what you need to grow your business.

Revenue Analysis

A financial analysis takes traditional bookkeeping to the next level. Comparing and contrasting revenue and expenses, a full analysis can quantify what is and what is not profitable for your business. Full service financial analysis includes Income and Expense audits, Margin analysis, and a Pro-Forma projection.


Margins are closely related to your bottom line. Knowing fixed and incremental margins is critical in making business decisions. A full margin analysis will cover gross revenue, direct expenses and indirect operating expenses.

Pro Forma

A Pro-Forma financial statement is a future projection of the current financial state of your business. We often start with a 12-month income and expense projection then utilize this to determine if a business is performing adequately and to identify areas of improvement. This is often critical in business acquisitions and when creating pitch portfolios for investor funding.

Expense Analysis

An expense audit/analysis will check vendor competitiveness, supplier pricing, payroll, rent, fixed expenses, and variable expenses. This will often uncover items that can significantly reduce expenses and improve your bottom line.

Market Saturation

Performing a Market Saturation and Product Pricing analysis is critical when attempting expansion or opening a new line or location. It is also beneficial to perform these audits periodically to ensure that you are optimally priced.


Return on Investment or Return on Equity are some of the most important calculations for an investor. Performing ROI/ROE analysis is critical when trying to secure funding or selling your business.

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