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Our team has a unique background with past exits in the infused edible space and assisting in setting up dozens of innovative grow & extracting operations. We are deeply passionate about natural health & wellness; which keeps us  forefront of organic biotech.

Some of our past and current clients are leading CBD focused nutraceutical & production companies in the world so we offer bulk, white label, & private label cannabinoid options for our clients. Our manufacturers can do any water soluble CBD/ cannabinoid combination, custom softgels, tinctures, and vape cartridges. Do to our relationships & monthly contracts with large nutraceutical companies we can be extremely competitive on not only quality, but price.


Whether you heard about us from one of our multi state operator clients, struggling with Amazon/Shopify, or are starting a new supplement brand, we can spark new life into your revenue channels.  

Bulk CBN & raw materials

The labs we work with from the capital or digital asset side produce not only CBD but CBG, CBN, CBC and other rare isolated cannabinoids that are showing great medical promise.

Product innovation and strategy

Building a brand is no small task; we offer turnkey solutions from sales collateral, lead magnets, CRM & system integrations, indepth SEO, educational materials, and more. The best part is you dont have to worry about training a new employee, healthcare, payroll etc. 


Cannabis licensing is fiercely competitive. Our Cannabis & Hemp team is in the field constantly & have high level relationships to help you get what you need from retail to veteran audit preparation for a FDA, GMP, or SQF inspection.


Risk, insurance, logistics, fulfillment, merchants, market insight, whatever your selling we can help navigate the many hoops and barriers to entry that catch up most entrepreneurs. We have 3PL fulfillment that can save you money from Amazons grip, to a new high risk product launch.  

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